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This Artist’s Mystical Animals Have A Sense Of Humor And Serenity

There”s no denying the charm of Seth Fitts”s artwork. It”s full of animals with loads of personality, sheltering trees, and strangely comforting creatures Fitts calls “guardian spirits.” It”s akin to walking into an enchanted forest. Even his mysterious hooded figures seem friendly. To create his images, the Georgia-based artist uses traditional media like paints and

Ever Wish The Characters You Color Could Come To Life? Now They Can!

Coloring books are childhood staples. We can all remember spending hours bringing images of our favorite characters to life with crayons and pencils. There’s also been a trend of adult coloring books (no, not “adult” in that sense) that feature more complex designs. These things are lauded for their stress-relieving qualities. But Disney’s research team