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Turning A Frown Upside Down Doesn’t Make You Happy, It Makes You Look Weird.

South African photographer Anelia Loubser”s latest photo series challenges our perception of emotions. Instead of photographing people”s faces straight on, she only photographed the top of their heads. She then flipped the image and played with the composition. Here”s how she explains it: This collection of portraits challenges the viewer by using creative tactics based

The Tiny, Moody Worlds Of Taylor Mazer Are Mesmirizing

Last December, Michigan-based artist Taylor Mazer created a series of detailed, monochrome landscapes featuring urban areas, featuring stark buildings, tangled wires, and narrow alleys. The mysterious, shadowy images would look right at home in a noir movie, but for one detail. They”re tiny. Pen and pencil included for scale. (via My Modern Met) Using a