Why Wearing A Suit Changes How You Think

Dressing up makes people feel powerful. The next time you confront your landlord about not fixing that leaky ceiling, you might want to wear a suit. That’s the consensus of a new study that determined how what you wear can affect your mind. The research was conducted by Abraham Rutchick, a professor of psychology at

Graphene, A New Form Of Carbon That Could Revolutionize Wearable Tech, Sees New Breakthrough

Graphene is an absolutely amazing material. It’s made of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal lattice and it’s literally only one atom thick. The “front” and “back” are the same atom. It’s effectively a two-dimensional object, living in our three-dimensional world. That’s some crazy science stuff right there. Graphene has been studied since it was

See The World’s First Espresso Made In Space

Caffeine and zero gravity finally collide. One small sip for man, one giant Big Gulp chug for mankind… or something like that. Over the weekend, Italian Sam Cristoforetti and her crew became the first astronauts to brew espresso at the International Space Station. The machine that was used to brew the java is nicknamed the

You Must Add This R2-D2 Pinball Coffee Table To Your

This might be the coolest coffee table we’ve ever seen. What do you give the Star Wars fan in your life who already owns every piece of themed memorabilia available? Possibly a spot on Hoarders, but if they’ve still got room in their home, this custom-built R2-D2 pinball machine/coffee table is f**king awesome. The folks