Cartoons From The Good Old Days

Cartoons now are so much different then what they were for us when we were growing up. It seems like all you see now is Anime type Cartoons and kids don’t even know what they are missing. So I figured we needed to show these young kids what real cartoons were like. If nothing else it will be a nice trip down memory lane. Not going to list them in any ranked order. If you notice most of these cartoons have been made into modern day movies, so that’s gotta tell you something right?

ThunderCats, 1985


Thundercats is about the adventures of a group of hero catlike humanoids from the planted Third Earth. Lion-O is the main character and has the sword with the eye of Thundera that is the source of all the power of the ThunderCats. Snarff Snarff.

HE-Man, 1983


Prince Adam lives on Eternia and whenever he holds the Sword of Power above his head and screams ” By The Power Of GraySkull” he becomes HE-Man Master and most Powerful Man in The Universe. Using that power he and his trusty Battle Cat, who also goes through transformation when Prince Adam turns into He-Man, team up with his team of heros to defend against the evil Skelator.

GI Joe, 1985


GI JOE The real american hero was the 30 min cartoon based off the toyline and Marvel comic that brought us characters like Duke and Sgt Slaughter. The Joes were the good guys and the Cobras were the bad guys. Each episode Cobra Commander would almost get one up on the Joes but then miraculously someone always stopped the evil cobras from world domination.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1987


The story follows 4 turtles named after famous artists Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo that were taught by a former ninja master that was turned into a rat due to some green glowing ooze in the New York sewers that they called home. The ooze is what turned the turtles and ninja master into these humanoid type characters. The TMNT only have one friend in the outside world and that’s reporter April O’Neil. Shredder is the villain in these shows and no matter how hard they try the TMNT always seem to come up short against him.

HeathCliff, 1980


Mel Blanc plays Heathcliff a street smart orange cat that will pretty much do anything to get some food including starting fights and causing all kinds of mischief. Now this isnt to get confused with Garfield at all, about the only similarities are that they are orange and they like food. Heathcliff has his friends the Cadillac cats that help him when he gets into trouble

Doug, 1991


Doug was based of a quirky adolecent buy going to school and the struggles that entails. With his best friend Skeeter by his side they find themselves in many predicaments usually while trying to impress Doug’s crush Patti Mayonaisse.

Rugrats, 1990


Rugrats is a show from from the perspective of babies when parents are not around and the shenanigans that they get into. Main character Tommy Pickle and his sidekick Chucky and other friends go on crazy adventures and the older child Angelica always tries to stop the babies fun.

Duck Tales, 1987


DuckTales is one of my personal favorites because it always came on right as I would walk in the door from school so It seemed like I never missed an episode. Scrooge Mcduck is the Richest Duck in all the world and when his nephew Donald Duck was going into the US Navy he asked that Scrooge take care of his 3 nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie making them his grand-nephews. Other Characters include Scrooges pilot Launchpad Mcquack, his butler Duckworth and the Nanny Mrs Beasely and her grand daughter Webby. Even though Scrooge is the richest duck in all the world most of the stories are based off him trying to increase that wealth treasure hunting style. But he always has to worry about the Beagle Boys coming to steal his precious gold or even worse his number one dime.

Goof Troop, 1992

goof troop

Goof Troop is based off Disney Character Goofy and his Son Max. Goofy is the standard goofy character that we all know and love but Max is going to school and trying to be the cool kid so its usually max getting into trouble with the neighbor Pete’s son, his best friend PJ. Pete is always trying to make Goofy look bad but old goof never lets him.

Dennis The Menace, 1986

dennis the menace

Dennis the Menace has been a TV show many different times all the way back to the 50’s. But what we are talking about here are the Saturday Morning Cartoons in the late 80’s. Each episode Dennis gets into all kids of trouble, usually at the expense of his neighbor Mr Wilson who has a vicious Love/ Hate relationship with the boy.

Inspector Gadget, 1983

inspector gadget

Inspector Gadget is half man half machine that is a detective for the local police force. Now he not the brightest bulb in the bunch but he has some incredibly handy gadgets that help get him out of trouble, or in most cases get him into trouble. His Niece Penny and her dog Brain Follow Gadget on every call he goes to and using her supercomputer in a book Penny is able to stop the evil Dr Claw just in the nick of time for Inspector Gadget to take credit for it.

Transformers, 1984


The classic Transformers cartoon sparked the global phenomenon you all know about today. Optimus Prime and his group of Autobots take on the Evil Decepticons and their leader MegaTron in the battle for supremacy. See all the characters from bumblebee to ironside in their original form

Tiny Toons, 1990


Tiny Toons takes place in Acme Acres and is a story where the new era of Looney tunes characters go to Looniversity ad learn from original Looney Toon characters. It seems as if most of the main characters are children of or meant to resemble the original cast of Bugs, Daffy, Porky etc.

TaleSpin, 1990


TaleSpin is another Disney Spin-off of the story Jungle Book using characters like Baloo who plays a bush pilot, and King Louie who runs a pilot hangout. Baloo and his trusty sidekick Kit go on all kinds of adventures avoiding the air pirates and all other nonsense that comes about.

Ren and Stimpy, 1991

ren and stimpy

Ren and Stimpy is one of those cult classic type shows that would almost be more entertaining now as an adult then it was when we were kids. Following the adventures of a short tempered Chihuahua Ren Hoek and the very mild mannered, almost dim witted, blissfully naive Stimpy the Cat on everything from trips to space all the way to wild wild west shootouts

Animaniacs, 1993


What was a follow up to the Tiny Toons turned into another cult classic in Animaniacs. Animaniacs was considered a variety sort of show and was based off three siblings, The Warners Yukko, Wakko and Dot were 1930 animated characters that were locked in the Warner Brothers Tower and weren’t released until 1990. When they get out they cause all kinds of mischief. The show usually consisted of 3 segments with different characters ans stories and then connecting back stories to bring the whole show together.