By Pouring Milk In An Ice Cube Tray, She Created A Genius Life Hack

Everyday life comes with small but annoying challenges: A cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning is great, but nothing”s worse than burning your tongue as you run out the door for work. Technology helps us execute once-lengthy tasks in record time, but tangled wires can be frustrating. And sometimes a cool glass of white wine in the evening can be a fun indulgence, but melted ice can ruin the flavor.

Before you rip your hair out over these first world problems, watch the simple solutions below and make your life a little less stressful.

Freeze skim milk or black coffee to cool down your java without diluting it.

Organize tangled cords with binder clips.

Find lost, small objects with a vacuum and a pair of tights.

Chill white wine without watering it down by using frozen grapes instead of ice.

I”m about to head home from work and try the last hack myself. Which one did you find to be the most helpful?