By Mixing Concrete And LEGO Bricks, You Can Make Super Simple DIY Furniture

When you were a kid, there”s a good chance you played with LEGOs. Maybe you built LEGO houses, filled with bright brick kitchens, bedrooms, and all kinds of furniture. If you were a big fan of the cool, constructible toys as a child, now you can play with them as an adult, too. All you need is a bag of concrete and a whole lot of blocks to make textured (full-size) furniture for your home. Check out the video below to see how it”s done.

(source HomeMadeModern)

This is so cool, and seems so simple! I think I”m going to see if my parents kept all the LEGOs from my childhood so I can make this. I bet you can create other unique furniture using the same method — what will you make?