By Mixing Baking Soda And Milk Together, You Can Make Something Brilliant For Your Feet

Are you tired of having rough, unsightly feet? Can you not get through the day without at least one person mocking you because your feet are so damn hard? Now that it”s summer again, your feet will have to see the light of day more than you might like. But what if we told you that you could erase your pedicure woes with two ingredients you already have in the house?

That”s right: no more hard feet. If you have baking soda and milk, you”re only a few minutes away from having the soft, summer-ready feet you”ve always wanted.

(via YouTube)

Eureka! I”m cured! I can live a normal, soft-footed life now! Thank heavens, thank my lucky stars, and thank the makers of baking soda and milk for turning this dream into a reality. Bless you.

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