By Cutting The Sleeves Off An Old Shirt, She Made It Useful And Cute Again

A favorite t-shirt is like an old friend: it”s reliable, you”re comfortable with it, and when people say you should let it go, you look at them like they”re crazy.

It”s difficult to say goodbye to those trusty tees that have been your go-to t-shirts on hot summer days, or nights when you just want to chill out on the sofa and watch some TV. But what if you didn”t have to throw them out, and you could use them to make something cool instead?

Check out the video below and see how, by just using a pair of scissors and a ruler, you can transform your old t-shirts in no time!

(source littlethings)

Now you never have to say goodbye to a favorite t-shirt again (and you”ll also have a bunch of stylish bags to choose from!).