Bulldog Chases After Toy Car For The Best Dog Workout Idea Ever

It”s the new year, which means we should all be spending our spare time at the gym, right? Well, that lasted all of two days for most of us. But it”s not just us. For our furry friends, just getting them off their puff for a little tug-o-war these days can feel like a battle. A trip to the park or a little run outside is totally out of the question, especially with these winter temps.

But what if you could get your dog to exercise, without having to move yourself? We know…we”re totally on to something here. Watch what this guy does to get his bulldog”s workout in for the day.

(source YouTube)

How genius is that? This could be hours of entertainment for you AND your pup. In my book, that”s a win-win.