Britney Spears Meets Hillary Clinton In Vegas

Britney Spears has a show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, similar to what Celine Dion has going on over at Caesar’s Palace, that she started back in 2013. Last year she extended that contract to continue to play there until 2017. Even though Britney is no stranger to meeting high profile people she seemed almost starstruck when she met Hillary Clinton last night as she posted pictures of the meeting on her Twitter account giving the presidential candidate a nice little shout out. Clinton is in Vegas for the Democratic Caucus Saturday night


I was just about to graduate high school when Britney Spears came onto the scene with her sexy little school girl outfit dancing around and just like every other guy my age I had a thing for Britney from that point on. Maybe it was because she was similar in age but there was just something about that girl that you were hooked. I had a friend that I was totally in love with that looked just like her it was awesome, well not the only friend part but anyways that’s not important. What is important though, as much as it pains me to say this, Britney is looking pretty haggard at this point. I should say at least in that picture she does. She has obviously had some major facial work done which is such a crying shame because one of the best parts about Britney was she had that natural beauty that doesn’t require makeup, you know that type of beauty where if you were to wake up next to it the first words that come to mind is, Damn You are Beautiful. Great examples would be Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.


So what do you think, does Britney look as good as she used to? Or better said does she look as good as she should considering how good she used to look?

Update. I stand think i might jumped the gun, I think that might be just a bad picture of Britney because all the most recent photo’s we can Find of her she looks pretty damn good.