Awesome Showers You’ll Probably Wish You Could Go Home To Tonight.

Showers are not only important for hygiene, they are also the place where we get our most introspective thinking done. Have you ever been at a loss of words when writing a school essay, then suddenly come up with the perfect introductory sentence while mindlessly letting the shower water gently wash over your forehead? Shower thoughts can be brilliant, and sometimes they can be silly, but they are important nonetheless.

Some people are so serious about showering, they created incredible showers that will make you green with envy.

1. Outdoor shower.

Outdoor shower.

2. Boulder tub.

Boulder tub.

3. Bedroom Shower.

Bedroom Shower.

4. Rotating Shower.

Rotating Shower.

5. Cavern Shower.

Cavern Shower.

6. Rain shower.

Rain shower.

7. Obelisk shower.

Obelisk shower.

8. Boat Shower.

Boat Shower.

9. Fold-up Shower.

Fold-up Shower.

10. Stained Glass Shower.

Stained Glass Shower.

11. Pavilion Shower.

Pavilion Shower.

12. Castle Shower.

Castle Shower.

13. Stag Shower.

Stag Shower.

14. Ocean View Shower.

Ocean View Shower.

15. Sun-roof Shower.

Sun-roof Shower.

16. Chandeliered, 6-Person Party Shower.

Chandeliered, 6-Person Party Shower.

17. Garden Fountain Shower.

Garden Fountain Shower.

18. Seven Streams Power Shower.

Seven Streams Power Shower.

19. Eighteen Streams Power Shower.

Eighteen Streams Power Shower.

20. Skyline Shower.

Skyline Shower.

21. Pocket Shower.

Pocket Shower.

22. Shower Pod

Shower Pod

23. Aquarium Shower.

Aquarium Shower.

24. Jungle Shower.

Jungle Shower.

25. Cave Shower.

Cave Shower.

26. Color Phasing Shower.

Color Phasing Shower.

27. Wilderness Shower.

Wilderness Shower.

28. Laser Shower.

Laser Shower.

29. Psychedelic, Heat Sensing Shower.

Psychedelic, Heat Sensing Shower.

Even kids that loathe taking showers would love to step into one of these. Not only are they beautiful, but they”re fun, too! (That is, if your idea of fun is supreme relaxation and introspection.)