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20 Awesome Things That Look Like Boobs But Aren’t

THIS RANDOM PIECE OF WOOD Regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, everybody on the planet can agree that boobs are awesome. If we all just started worshipping glorious ta-tas, world peace would soon follow.* *maybe Sometimes a person will get lucky and spot funny items that look like breasts. In fact, if Seth MacFarlane

Non-Americans Label the States on the US Map

So we asked a few people from Australia, Europe to look at a map of the USA and label the states as closely as possible. Here are some of the shocking yet hilarious findings. Our conclusion? The world doesnt care about the middle of our country or any place that doesnt have a Disney theme

Top 20 Kinds of Drunk People

When out boozing, the crew you associate with can make or break your night. Low on cash? Be sure to tag along with the generous drunk. Spend your night with the Steve-O drunk and youre guaranteed to have a good time. Get too close to The Exorcist drunk and you will be cleaning vomit. Enjoy

These Heroic Women Battled Breast Cancer And Won. Inspirational!

It”s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October once again. The symbolic pink ribbons can be found everywhere this month, raising awareness of the disease and rallying for donations to organizations looking for a cure. While we aren”t quite there yet, modern medicine has progressed toward beating the cancer and many women have survived it. Getting