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A Car Thief Got A Huge Dose Of Instant Karma

“Crime doesn”t pay.” It”s a saying that”s in our modern lexicon for a reason. Most of the time, people attempting to commit crimes get caught. Even if they don”t, they may live in constant fear of getting caught. If you”re thinking about getting into a life of crime, let this video serve as a deterrent.

14 Conversations That Might Have the Answers for You

The location-based gay dating app Grindr has long since been the object of fascination and wild speculation for those not in the know. Well, these 16 screencaps of actual conversations confirm that – yes – it is JUST as savagely lewd as we expected (..because we have a savagely lewd taste in picking screencaps). 1)

Topps Announces Will Ferrell Baseball Trading Cards

Topps Trading Cards, you really out-did yourself this time. Two months after Will Ferrell embarked upon a whirlwind tour of crashing Major League Baseball training camps in full gear, the company announced that they will soon release a special set of collectable Will Ferrell baseball cards. The company announced on their Instagram that you will