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The world’s first liquid metal watch

We present to you a watch, that you’ve never seen before. After many years of research and studies, Japanese designer found a new material, called “Metallium”. This material was used to create a first ever liquid metal display watch called “Seahope”. It’s revolutionary design is inspired in part by the Terminator movies – just like

Study finds that Monopoly players who are given large advantages still act rudely towards opponents and insist they’ve won using skill and strategy.

Social-psychologist Paul Piff who focuses most of his research on social hierarchies and how these impact our lives and society in general, has presented very interesting findings through a study on the game of Monopoly. In his TED Talk held at TEDxMarin, Piff discusses a recent series of behavioral experiments centered on the game of

Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was expected to be a huge success, and unsurprisingly it’s making Nintendo a boatload of money. Despite its critical flop, the game remains one of the top five grossing apps in two-dozen countries. However, subscriptions are declining rapidly, and this is probably due to Nintendo’s unsophisticated monetization tactics. Super Mario Run