As Smart As Cats Think They Are, Their Logic Has A Lot Of (Hilarious) Flaws

Cat owners love how smart, independent, and cuddly their little cuties can be, but sometimes their furry logic can seem just a bit…flawed.

Cole and Marmalade”s owners caught their sweet critters showcasing the many offbeat ways cats tend to approach the world. Though their silly antics often end in frustration for us humans, their cute faces make it impossible to get mad. If you”ve ever owned a cat, or even just spent a little time with one, you”ll instantly recognize the hilarious behavior.

To be fair, I”m sure a lot of our logic seems pretty strange to them, too. It”s just a good thing they don”t know how to work a camera. Head over to Cole and Marmalade”s YouTube page for more of their adorable videos!

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