Artist Turns Baby’s Cranial Helmet into an Awesome Looking Aviator Helmet.

A Cleveland tattoo artist used his time and talent to help this five-month-old boy suffering from a unique medical disorder.

This is not a Halloween costume that Talen Rowan is wearing. The little boy has a special cranial helmet and needs to wear it due to Plagiocephaly, a condition causing flat spots on his head. Since little Talen has to wear the helmet for seven months, his parents wanted him to look stylish, so they put an ad online looking for an artist to customize the helmet. Tattoo artist Greg Chadwick came forward and gave them a great offer.

Chadwick spent 12 painstaking hours airbrushing the custom helmet to look like an aviator”s helmet, and he did it all for free!

(Source: Fox 8 News Cleveland)

That”s awesome! Can you imagine what a great keepsake this will be when he gets older? I bet it”ll kickstart his future as a pilot, too.