An Emergency Room In Australia Got The Cutest Unexpected Midnight Visitor

Working the graveyard shift in an emergency room can be a grueling job. Your sleep schedule”s off-kilter from your family and your friends, you might feel a bit like a vampire, and watching sick people come through the doors all through the night can wear on your happiness. But this is what you sign up for when you enter this profession, right? After all, you”re saving lives.

That doesn”t mean that emergency room workers couldn”t use a little cheering up now and then. Employees at Hamilton Base Hospital outside of Melbourne, Australia, got just the little treat they needed.

Check out this unexpected midnight visitor:

You never know who”s going to stroll through the doors at the Hamilton Base Hospital. Our very own Blinky Bill pays a visit to the ED waiting room.

Posted by Western District Health Service on Sunday, May 3, 2015

What would you do if you spotted this little guy walking through your doors in the middle of the night? Do you think he was looking for a prescription? Maybe he had a little boo-boo and needed a Band-Aid?