After Years Of Silence, This Mom Hears Her Son For The First Time

If you were forced to live without one of your senses for over a decade, how do you think you”d respond to getting it back? Well, this mother of three knows a thing or two about that.

By the time she was 30, Dawn had lost her ability to hear, which plunged her into years of painful silence. The hearing-impaired mother found herself feeling isolated due to her deafness, but there was one thing that hurt Dawn more than anything else: she had never heard her eight-year-old son”s voice.

She wanted nothing more than to hear him speak, and thanks to one dedicated doctor, this mom”s biggest wish finally came true.

Watch what happens when she hears her youngest son”s voice for the first time:

Thanks to cochlear implants, Dawn is no longer isolated by her disability. This amazing mom can return to being an active participant in her own life, and in the lives of those she loves most.

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