After His Girlfriend Was Raped, One Man Got Revenge In Epic Fashion

Rape is a terrible crime, and after one man sexually assaulted a young girl, he got his comeuppance. The man in question raped his nephew”s girlfriend, and later that night, things got very, very ugly for him.

According to Myrtle Beach Online, 52-year-old William L. Mattson assaulted the girlfriend after a party.

A police report shows that the nephew had brought his girlfriend to his fathers house after the two had attended a New Years party. The nephew left and he told police he returned to hear moaning from outside the door of the room he shares with his girlfriend.

He told police he kicked the door down and found his uncle, Mattson, who also lives in the house, on top of his girlfriend.

The nephew then drove his uncle home…and proceeded to beat him senseless. This is what Mattson now looks like:

That”s what happens when you rape a young girl and her boyfriend gets ahold of you.