After Being Away For 100 Days, This Airman Gave His Girlfriend An Epic Surprise

Emma hadn”t seen her fiance, Jon, in 100 days. Jon was away at basic training after joining the Air Force. They knew they wanted to get married after he had left, so they both agreed to get married over the phone.

Emma wanted to surprise her new fiance when he finally arrived at home, so she received help from a family friend working at Delta. The friend got Emma a gateway pass so she could go through security and surprise Jon at his gate. Little did Emma know that she was in for the real surprise. Jon found out from Emma”s sister Kelsey what she planned to do. With that in mind, he hatched a plan to have all the passengers exiting the plane hand her a rose. Jon would exit the plane last, finally getting down on one knee and proposing properly.

(via Kelsey Trabue)

That was the best surprise ever. The fact that she thought she was the one surprising him made it so much better.