Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home By Using…Shaving Cream? Really, It Works!

If you love the look of marbled paper and fabrics, you might find yourself salivating over expensive, handmade items in local shops or on sites like Etsy. However, being the responsible person you are, you always sadly turn away from these items with the knowledge that your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Still, those were really nice things, and if you really want them, you can make them yourself without spending a fortune. You”ll probably need to pick up some fabric paints and a rubber squeegee, but a local craft store will have those for reasonable prices.

Check out this cool and cost-efficient technique in the video below.

It”s super easy, and completely customizable.

(soure littlethings)

The nice thing about this project is that you can use any colors or patterns you like. Try experimenting with different designs and different ways to apply the paint. See what happens if you thin the paint with a drop of water. Try different tools — in the video, a handmade rake made from toothpicks and index cards was used, but an old comb will make neat effects, too. Get creative!

Also, the canvas you”ve been using as your base? See what that looks like after a few layers of paint have been applied. You might get some bonus wall art. The possibilities are endless!

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