A Train Operator Refused To Stop During A Severe Storm – Then THIS Happened

Usually, when a dangerous thunder storm rolls into town, it”s a good idea to put off whatever plans you had for the day. You never know if the storm will knock out power lines or blow a tree onto your car. This sort of common sense goes double for anyone operating a train, especially if you have some particularly high bridges to cross.

Evidently, one train conductor in New Orleans didn”t get the memo.

Earlier this week, a powerful thunder storm swept through the Big Easy, soaking everything in its path. Luckily, no major damage was sustained…with the glaring exception of this train.

(source: YouTube)

The train was traveling over a bridge behind a Raising Cane”s restaurant on South Clearview Parkway and Bloomfield Street.

I would just really hate to be that conductor. I wonder how they explained this to the boss…