A Pit Bull Puppy With A Broken Jaw Gets Saved And Makes A Miraculous Recovery

The owners of a pit bull puppy had to give up their canine companion after they couldn”t afford treatment for the dog”s facial injuries. Luckily, Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch was able to use donations to fund the pup”s procedure and the treatments that followed over several weeks. The adorable dog is now all healed up and ready for a new home!

(source Vet Ranch)

This has to be both the best and most heartbreaking job around. It”s awful to see when these poor animals are hurt so bad and might have to be put down, yet amazingly satisfying when they”re healed and happy again.

If you are interested in helping animals like this little girl, please visit Vet Ranch to learn more about their organization and donate to help dogs in distress.

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