A Piranha Feeding Frenzy Was Caught On Camera – And It’s Worse Than I Imagined

Piranhas are the true bad boys of the sea. They are vicious killing machines who take no prisoners and aim to devour their prey with innate precision. Survival chances around these fearsome creatures are incredibly minimal. They will kill you if you get too close.

In case you”ve never seen a swarm of these predators and are curious to know what you”d be in for, look no further than the video below. It shows exactly what a school of piranhas looks like during feeding time. Let”s just hope you never have to witness this from up close.

(via Joao Antonio Cruz Junior)

Scary, eh? If you come in contact with a school of piranhas, it seems like it”s not a question of if you”ll survive, but of how long will you survive. These fish are downright brutal.