A Hidden Camera Caught A Walmart Employee Doing Something That Shocked Him

We”ve all been on the receiving end of bad customer service at some point an experience that often drives us to leave bad reviews on a business”s Yelp or Facebook page. But what about good customer service, when an employee truly goes above and beyond the call of duty? Those are the cases that YouTuber Jack Vale wanted to highlight in the video below.

With the help of hidden cameras, he set up two different scenarios to test a Walmart employee and a fast food worker. Jack then rewarded both employees when they gave him the care and honesty he deserved without hesitation.

(source Jack Vale Films)

Jack wanted it known that Walmart company policy forbids employees from accepting tips something he didn”t know at the time. Although appreciative of the gesture, the woman who helped him followed company policy and did not accept the money he wanted her to have.

That being said, this is a reminder for all of us to say thank you when employees go out of their way to help us. And it”s a two-way street, since customers should always show respect to people just trying to make an honest living.