A Heartless Former Owner Laughed As He Abandoned This Crying Dog, But Then…

Jack, the absolutely adorable 2-year-old pit bull, had a rough holiday this year when his former owner abandoned him at a shelter. When the poor pup realized how scary his situation was, he began to cry while the owner laughed in his face. It”s truly amazing how terrible some people in this world can be. Watch the timid puppy from a few weeks ago, when his fate was uncertain:

Post by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs.

Thankfully, Jack is in much better shape, now that someone has saved him from a lonely and terrible fate.

No more frowns from now on, Jack!

No more frowns from now on, Jack!

He”s finally going home with someone who will take care of him and love him just as much as he deserves to be loved.


Look at that smile!

(via Life With Dogs)

Thank goodness this precious pup gets a second chance at life. It”s obvious that he”s so excited to share his love and loyalty with the right human! Have you ever considered saving a shelter dog? Saving Carson Shelter Dogs helped Jack get adopted in Gardena, California. It”s easy to find similar organizations near you! It”s definitely something to consider if you”re looking to add a lot more love to your life. Just remember, it”s a big responsibility.