A Drowning Dog Was Miraculously Saved Using Mouth-To-Mouth

If you watch movies or television, you’ve probably seen a person miraculously brought back to life using simple CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing techniques. In real life, it usually doesn’t work like that. You can’t just bring a dead person back to life by giving them mouth-to-mouth. However, on some occasions, CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing can save someone’s life.

But I bet you didn’t know it could also save the lives of dogs! This pooch collapsed on a beach recently and onlookers were confused about what to do, so they started putting their CPR training to use…then this happened:


(source Ignacio Torano)

These people were fast-acting and knowledgeable enough to bring a dog back from the brink of death. If they weren’t there, who knows if the pup would have survived?