A Bear Was Running Toward Him In The Forest…What He Did In Response Is Epic

What should you do if you see a bear charging toward you? Conventional wisdom tells you to lie down and play dead. That seems risky, though, as the bear can easily dismantle you if you don”t even try to put up a fight. Should you run? That”s not a good idea either, mainly because bears are faster than most humans. Do you climb a tree? Hate to break it to you, but bears can climb trees. So what should you actually do?

This guy seems to have it all figured out. With a bear charging towards him, he decides to risk it all and imitate the bear by screaming in its face. Let”s see how that worked out for him…

(via YouTube)

Holy crap! That guy just scared off a bear by acting like a bear! Who would have thought you could intimidate a beast that”s twice as big as you simply by screaming at it? I don”t think this strategy would work every time for every bear, but the odds were in his favor that day.

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