7 Strictly Enforced Laws Across The Country That Sound Completely Insane

The United States has a long and rich history of passing bizarre laws. Most of these laws are remnants from a time long gone that somehow still exist. Few officials actually enforce these laws, as most of them would be insane and difficult to keep an eye on.

However, not every town and city thinks this way. There are some crazy laws in existence that are enforced, and they are truly too weird to comprehend.

1. No chain stores.

No chain stores.

If you”re looking to open a chain store in the tiny California city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, you”re out of luck. A strange public ordinance bars people from opening any franchise store within the city limits.

2. Early trash collection is illegal.

Early trash collection is illegal.

No one in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is ever woken up by loud garbagemen getting a jump on their day”s work. A city ordinance makes it illegal for any trash to be collected before 7 am. Those who break the law can receive up to 30 days in jail.

3. Everything is closed on Sunday.

Everything is closed on Sunday.

It seems weird that in our modern economy, things like “Blue Laws” continue to exist. However, they do, especially in Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. These laws essentially make all retail sales illegal on Sunday. In Bergen County, NJ, you can face a $250 fine for breaking their blue laws.

4. You better sit down if you”re drinking.

You better sit down if you

Visitors to Woburn, Massachusetts, might be surprised to learn that it”s illegal to drink alcohol while standing up. Bars within the city limits will not serve you unless you”re seated. This also goes for carrying booze, meaning that you can”t walk around the bar with a beer in your hand. However, businesses can apply for a special standing license to have the restrictions waved.

5. Get drunk in a bar in Alaska? Go to jail.

Get drunk in a bar in Alaska? Go to jail.

Believe it or not, it is actually illegal for people to get drunk at bars in Alaska. Anyone caught visibly drunk at a bar in Alaska spends the night in jail. However, it”s totally legal to be visibly drunk in Alaska pretty much anywhere else.

6. No pet ducks here.

No pet ducks here.

The town of West Lafayette, Ohio, is not a place for duck lovers. A few years ago, an Iraq War veteran was fined by the town for keeping a family of ducks in his home. He claimed the billed creatures helped him manage his PTSD. Despite his claim, the town still made him pay.

7. Watch the tone of you bumper stickers.

Watch the tone of you bumper stickers.

Folks traveling through Bonneau, South Carolina, should make sure their bumper stickers and dashboard flair are politically correct. Sixty-five-year-old Virginia Tice learned this lesson the hard way. She was fined $445 for hanging a pair of plastic testicles from her trailer hitch.

(via Mental Floss)

Ouch! That”s a huge fine having an offensive bumper sticker. I don”t think I”ll be moving down to Bonneau any time soon. I could never give up my offensive bumper sticker hobby.

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