7 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Foam Roller And Use It!

You’ve seen people using them at the gym…but you aren’t quite sure what they are.

They look like foamy tubes, and for some reason, people roll all over them. Even if you’re just slightly confused, we’re here to clear things up for you.

These strange cylindrical things are called foam rollers and they have a ton of health benefits — plus, they’re not just for people at the gym. They’ve become extremely popular over the past few years…and here’s why!

1. Foam rollers help prevent injury.

They’re one of the best tools to get a self-myofascial release. This allows normal blood flow to return to your muscles and restores healthy tissue. Because you can target specific areas, this benefit happens almost immediately.

2. Foam rolling isn’t just for athletes or gym rats.

If you work in an office or sit at a desk all day, your muscles can become super tight from being in that one position. Foam rolling releases that tension, preventing any lasting health problems.

3. Foam rolling removes lactic acid in your body.

Lactic acid can cause cramps, burning sensations, and soreness. Foam rolling rids your body of a lot of that acid buildup and gets you out in the world feeling brand-new again.

4. Foam rolling improves mobility and flexibility.

If you have a lot of muscle tension in your body, it can cause you to become a very stiff person. By foam rolling, you’ll not only get the benefits of keeping your muscles moving and functioning with ease, but you’ll also improve your overall flexibility.

5. They’re way cheaper than a personal masseuse.

Foam rolling has a lot of the same benefits that getting a massage does, except foam rollers are much, much cheaper. A good one will only set you back about $20-$30, whereas massages can cost hundreds.

6. Foam rolling breaks up scar tissue.

Just like a massage can help to break up scar tissue, foam rolling can do the same. By removing that tissue, simple movements, exercises, and tasks will be easier to perform.

7. Rollers help remove knots from your body.

If you’ve ever gotten a massage, you’ve heard the masseuse refer to “knots” in your body. Well, now you don’t need a professional to tell you how to get rid of them, because foam rolling loosens them up just as easily!

(via Master Of Muscle)

Do yourself a favor and go out and purchase a foam roller today. There are tons of YouTube videos to help you get started. Before you know it, it’ll be performing miracles for your body…trust me.