38 Of The Craziest, Weirdest, And Silliest Animal GIFs Out There

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The Internet can be a weird and wonderful place. It”s difficult not to become overwhelmed when inundated with useful, useless, and completely random information. In fact, there”s no way you”ll ever consume it all. Lucky for you, this conveniently compiled list contains some of the best animal .gifs the Internet has to offer. So, sit back and enjoy the hilarity.

1. “So…tired.”

2. “Nom nom nom. Bunny ears are deeeelish.”

3. “You suck, Bob.”

4. “Just because it”s the holidays, doesn”t mean I have to be overjoyed.”

"Just because it

5. “LOVE YA.”

6. “Bread crumbs got me like…”

7. “Uh oh, he knows I”m here.”

"Uh oh, he knows I

8. “How?”

9. “Abort! Abort!”

10. “That”s what you get for hitting me!”


11. “I”d like to make a toast to a happy, healthy New Year!”


12. “Charlie, stay away from the human child. They”re filthy.”

"Charlie, stay away from the human child. They

13. “Overalls are making a comeback in a BIG way.”

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