26 Adorable, Fluffy, Irresistible Reasons To Celebrate National Dog Day

August 26 is one of the best days of the year. Why? Well, you may not know it, but it’s National Dog Day! (Not that every day isn’t like National Dog Day for all the true pup lovers out there.) It’s a day to bust out the party hats, bells, and whistles, because it’s your prime excuse to celebrate that pooch of yours!

Let’s get started with these 26 reasons why you should do something special for your canine companion today:

1. They couldn’t care less if they’re missing a limb.

2. …Or two.

3. They get super excited when they meet a look-alike.

4. They come in all shapes and sizes.

5. They’re really good at tennis.

6. And can teach you how to skateboard.

7. They’re super easy to forgive.

8. They make great beds…for other dogs.

9. Sometimes they even let the cat sleep on them.

10. They’re just as pumped about puppies as we are.

11. Because, well…they’re kinda weird.

12. Forbidden love has never stopped them.

13. Because of head tilts.

14. They’re very helpful shopping companions.

15. They really, REALLY appreciate the little things.

16. They make great first mates.

17. They’re always there for each other.

18. Even if they have totally different personalities, they’re still best friends.

19. They give the most comforting goodbyes.

20. They also can’t wait to greet you when you get home.

21. They win awards just for being cute.

22. They really appreciate your massages.

(And you don’t mind giving them, either.)

23. Because they’re very photogenic. All of them.

24. Each…

25. And every…

26. One of them.

There are hundreds, no, thousands of other reasons to celebrate this day. I’m sure you all have your own special reason to celebrate your fur babies…so dish out the treats and extra snuggles! Maybe a surprise trip to the lake or dog park is in order?