22 Ridiculous (And Hilarious) Knitting Fails Will Make You Ask “D.I.Why?!”

There’s a fine line between a DIY project and a “D.I.Why?” project. Knitting and crocheting are crafty pastimes that take expert skill and creativity…but not every piece of yarn art is a masterpiece. The 22 projects below left me speechless – but not necessarily in a good way. Before you pick up your knitting needles again, check out these weird and wacky duds. Even if you don’t knit, they’re definitely worth a good laugh.

1. At first glance, this sweater is just moderately ridiculous…

2. Until you see the back. Then it reaches maximum ridiculousness.

3. This seems sanitary.

4. I’ve always wanted a slightly inappropriate knit bunny suit.

5. I’m not sure if this dress makes me feel cold, hot, or hungry.

6. This is allegedly a wedding dress.

7. Well, it would be absorbent…

8. I can’t imagine this would be comfortable once it gets wet.

9. No sock monkeys were harmed during the making of this dress.

10. What’s the point of bacon and eggs if you can’t eat them??

11. Peplum dresses are totally in style right now.

12. I have no words.

13. You can stay warm and scare small children with this hat. It’s a win, win!

14. Contrary to popular belief, Marge Simpson’s blue hair is actually just an oddly shaped beanie.

15. I never understood high fashion, anyway.

16. I’d feel the same way if I had to wear this.

17. These knit pants are so groovy, man.

18. I always thought this scene from The Exorcist could have been a little more cuddly.

19. I can’t decide if this breakfast beret is the coolest hat ever, or the worst hat ever.

20. I’m always so inspired by street style.

21. There’s a good reason I’m afraid of clowns.

22. This has officially ruined Christmas for me.

I don’t know how to knit or crochet, but I think I’ll stick to my store-bought scarves and hats.