21 Ways You Can Transform Your Trash Into Practical (Or Insane) Treasure

It”s always a sad moment when something you once got a lot of use out of bites the dust. Whether it”s a piece of furniture that isn”t in style anymore, a bed frame your child has grown out of, or a file cabinet that you no longer need, it hurts a little to throw out something you spent your hard-earned money on.

But before you banish old items to the thrift store donation pile, check out these 21 amazing upcycling ideas. Even though some of them are insane creations only experienced builders could pull off, hopefully they”ll inspire you to get in touch with your creative side at home.

1. Chandelier from bicycle gears

Chandelier from bicycle gears

It would take quite a bit of skill to make this chandelier, but it”s still pretty amazing.

2. Bathtub sofa

Bathtub sofa

Is classic Hollywood glamour your style? You might recognize this upcycled sofa style from Breakfast at Tiffany”s.

3. Shower head from an old watering can

Shower head from an old watering can

Add a bit of country flair to your bathroom.

4. A trampoline floating day bed

A trampoline floating day bed

This tepee style upcycle is gorgeous and just plain cool.

5. Old tire ottomans

Old tire ottomans

They even reused burlap feed bags for fabric.

6. Teapot lamp

Teapot lamp

This is giving me serious Alice in Wonderland vibes. Find out how to make it here.

7. Crib-turned-play-table


This is an awesome way to reuse children”s furniture.

8. Headboard porch swing

Headboard porch swing

Somehow, it”s rustic and elegant. See how this was made here.

9. Skateboard tree swing

Skateboard tree swing

This cool DIY project is pretty self-explanatory.

10. Cinder block chair planters

Cinder block chair planters

While it might not be the most comfortable lounger, this easy DIY is definitely unique. Just stack your blocks and add your seedlings for this flowering chair.

11. Piano aquarium

Piano aquarium

This project is not for inexperienced crafters, but it”s still amazing to admire.

12. Milk crate kids stools

Milk crate kids stools

This idea is so simple, yet so awesome. Get the instructions here.

13. Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine Conference Table

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine Conference Table

Everyone has a few of these jets hanging around the house, right?

14. Portable Cooler Remodel

Portable Cooler Remodel

Turn a gross, old cooler into a rustic ice chest. Read the how-to here.

15. Colorful glass garden wall

Colorful glass garden wall

This would look gorgeous in the spring and summer sun. Plus, the bottles double as wind chimes.

16. File cabinet kitchen island

File cabinet kitchen island

This is perfect for those who consider food to be serious business. Get the how-to here.

17. Drawers turned planters

Drawers turned planters

Think twice before you donate your old dresser to Goodwill. Learn how to make these instead!

18. Broken pot fairy garden

Broken pot fairy garden

It”s like an epically upgraded version of an elementary school diorama.

19. Boat couch

Boat couch

This is not for those who get seasick easily.

20. Hanging boat bed

Hanging boat bed

Love to fall asleep to the waves crashing ashore? This is definitely the next best thing.

21. Birch wood recliner

Birch wood recliner

Sleeping on a tree has never been so comfortable. Learn how to make it here.

(via Bored Panda)

From simple projects, to ornate items that require insane skills, everything on this list is amazingly innovative. I want to try making a lamp from a few old teapots in my free time. Which of these crafts inspired you?