21 Places With Terribly Unfortunate Names Found On Google Maps

There are some really depressing places to live in the world, and people should probably avoid building homes there. People most likely try to flee from these locations, and rightfully so.

If you lived in any of these places, you’d want to get out, too. Their names say it all.

1. Charlie Brown might live here.

2. This sounds like the name of a reality show.

3. No rich people here, folks.

4. A 2-for-1 special.

5. What’s the point?

6. I wonder if the Heartbreak Hotel is here.

7. At least it’s not “No Hope Island.”

8. Pacifier Island might be nearby.

9. You can’t deny it.

10. This is just too insane.

11. Avoid this place at all costs.

12. I bet at least one person has returned.

13. Yeesh. Don’t be so down on yourself, Failure Canyon.

14. You’re not a disappointment! You’re on the map!

15. We’ve all asked this question at least once.

16. “I’ll never be an ocean.”

17. Maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable if you just tried harder.

18. That’s nice and depressing.

19. Not the best swimming spot.

20. All hope is lost and everything is terrible!

21. They should probably try Tinder.

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Well, that’s depressing. Anyone living in or near these places should petition for name changes! For more topographic depression, check out Sad Topographies on Instagram.