20 Photos That Prove Kids Are Just The Absolute Worst Sometimes

Parents, you know that even the cutest kid has a mean, disgusting, or just all-around terrible side to them.

And while being a mom or dad is largely rewarding, you’re well aware that it also comes with a ton of drawbacks and sacrifices. They don’t say that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world for nothing.

When you see what horrible things kids get themselves into, you’ll know just how hard it really is. These children are just the absolute worst.

Pulling back means brake!

That’s not where you put the groceries!

There are no words for how gross this is.

“Just thought I’d put these here.”

“What do you need these for anyway, Mom?”

Playing on the computer just got a new definition.

When a burp turns bad.

This kind of surprise is never good.

“How do you make these again?”

Never ever give them the whole bottle…

Is blue frosting bound to be the next big beauty secret?

If the fridge didn’t smell bad already, it does now.

Well that’s rude.

“The round ones go in this pile…the oval ones go over here…”

“I am the queen of all the clothes!”

The definition of a dirty kid.

Never trust little siblings.

He’s probably going to grow up to be a total creep.

This kid will be an excellent adult.

“I need MORE toilet paper!”

These children are just lucky their parents love them.

If you’re thinking about having kids, these are the types of things you’ll have to get used to. It’s inevitable that yours will eventually do something like this, so strap in! Want to follow along with all the hilarity? Check out this Instagram.