17 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk To Save Over Time

By the end of 2015, Costco boasted 81 million members, and it’s estimated that there are almost 50 million Sam’s Club members across the country. This means that about 40 percent of Americans are into bulk shopping, which is totally understandable, since it saves people thousands.

Here are 17 items that you should always buy in bulk. Your wallet will thank you.

1. Detergent

Detergent is usually cheaper per ounce if purchased in bulk, and it’s not like you’re going to stop doing laundry anytime soon, right?

2. Alcohol

Arguably the best item on the list, booze is always great to buy in bulk. You also won’t have to skimp on quality! If you love craft beers, for example, you can hit up your local Costco for options that far surpass cases of Bud Light or Coors.

3. Nuts

Bulk packages of nuts sell for as low as $0.38 per ounce at wholesale warehouses, but the same nuts can run you $0.90 per ounce in regular grocery stores.

4. Vanilla Extract

Traditional stores trick us into thinking that this stuff should cost a fortune in small quantities, but you can pay the same amount for way more product by heading over to Sam’s Club or Costco.

5. Cereal

A giant box of cereal might look intimidating, but if you can’t get enough cornflakes in your life, spring for it! Bulk boxes are way cheaper. Just make sure that you have bag clips or airtight plastic containers on hand so that your little stockpile doesn’t get stale.

6. Trash Bags

This is something that absolutely no one likes spending money on. Bulk shopping will be your new best friend in the garbage bag department.

7. Soap

If you see multipacks of your favorite soap on the shelf, snap one or two of them up. If it’s kept safely in your bathroom cabinets, it won’t go bad.

8. Toothpaste

Like soap, buying single packs of toothpaste will cost you a small fortune over time. You don’t even have to go out of your way to find multipacks of toothpaste, since places like Target usually carry them!

9. Butter

At Costco, you can get butter for around $2.62 per pound, as opposed to paying $5 per pound at the supermarket. And if you’re not buying butter by the pound, you’re not living your best life.

10. Pasta

Dry pasta will keep for two years if it’s stored in the proper conditions! Buy it in bulk so you never have to think about making actual meals again.

11. Rice

Apply the same logic to buying rice. You can store it for a long time, so snag one of those 4,000-pound bags of the stuff from Sam’s Club.

12. Gift Cards

If you love giving out gift cards for holidays and birthdays like the rest of us, don’t buy them one at a time! You can sometimes score awesome deals when you buy a few for the same restaurant or store at once.

13. Batteries

Stock up on lithium-ion batteries because they have a pretty solid shelf life.

14. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is usually half price when you buy those packs that are the size of a small car.

15. Vitamins

The up-front costs of vitamins and supplements are usually a little alarming, but those huge bottles will help you save big while staying healthy. It’s a win-win, folks.

16. Lightbulbs

Like toilet paper and laundry detergent, you might as well stock up on lightbulbs, since living by candlelight isn’t cool.

17. School Supplies

Get the kiddos ready for school next year or restock your office without breaking the bank! Buying small packs of pencils and pens can make a serious dent in the ol’ checking account, so keep your eyes peeled for bulk boxes of everything that you and the little ones could possibly need for work and school.

(via Country Living)

When you already have car payments, a mortgage, and student loans to worry about, save yourself a financial headache by becoming one with your nearest wholesale warehouse.

What do you love to buy in bulk?