17 Products For Couples That Will Make You Glad That You’re Single

When you’re single, you get to do whatever you want. Listen to your own music, take up the entire bed, eat the food you like…

Now, being in a couple completely changes your life. Suddenly, you must devote most of your free time to that person, spend a ton of money on them, and I mean, I guess you have someone to do the same for you. It’s pretty great…

But these products for couples? They’re just…well, they’re all just ugh.

1. What these should say is “I drool,” and “I drool more.”

2. I still think you should just get a room.

3. If one showerhead isn’t enough, just shower separately.

4. This product lets you hear your partner’s heartbeat…ugh.

5. Just sit on each other’s laps or get your own chairs, people!

6. Aprons? Who wears aprons anymore?!

7. These mittens are so amazingly inconvenient.

8. This makes me want to hurl.

9. Just listen to your own music…jeez.

10. Is it too much to ask to have a full cup of tea by myself?!

11. Ugh, this is just gross in general.

12. What are you…three years old and still using training wheels?

13. These people have serious dependency issues.

14. You can’t even have your own phone case?!

15. You just ruined breakfast.

16. Yeah, who wants to be in the same bathtub with their significant other anyway? Yuck…

17. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

(via Incredible Things)

Don’t become that couple and buy products like these. You will never seem normal again to your friends…or anyone else. Just love each other and know that it’s cool to have your own things.