17 Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Brain Melt

You ever see something that just doesn’t seem right? Like no matter how hard you concentrate on it, your eyes just feel like they’re being deceived? If you enjoy that sort of thing, you’re going to love this.

These optical illusions will make you question what you see with your own two eyes.

1. See the gray circles? They actually don’t exist!

2. These horizontal lines are the same length.

3. The yellow lines are the same length as well.

4. These two squares are the same color.

5. How many legs does this elephant have?

6. All of these lines are straight.

7. This is kind of like the first one. Weird, right?

8. The circles in the center are the same size.

9. How many arrows do you see?

10. These gears aren’t spinning, but your head probably is.

11. Cross your eyes to see a famous face.

12. The spirals that look green and blue are actually the same color!

13. Squares A and B are the same color, too!

14. These little grains appear to be moving until you stop and stare at one point.

15. The hash marks make the parallel lines look squiggly.

16. Is this a duck or a rabbit?

17. What’s up with this fork?

(via 22 Words)

I don’t know about you, but my eyes feel funny and my brain hurts a little. Trying to figure these illusions out is a nightmare, but if you can see past the illusion, you’ll feel like a genius.