15 Movie Characters We Wish We Could Be In Real Life. Who Would You Be?

Its always fun to get lost in your imagination and I know one thing we have all done is to fantisize about being the super hero, the hot dude or hot chick depending on what floats your boat. So we compiled a list of the top 15 movie chatacters that we would want to be if we somehow found that magic genie to grant us wishes.

1) Superman


Superman would have to be the first choice right? I mean come on even if your only getting his xray vision that would be worth it if you ask me. Being able to see every chick naked that youve always wanted to see, oh and did I mention he can fly and has super strength and lazor beams coming out of his eyes. Hell yeah sign me up.

2)Tony Stark


He is a super genius, hes incredibly wealthy, has every toy you could dream of, and last but definitely not least he is married to the amazingly beautiful Pepper Potts. Need I say more? Oh yeah and hes Ironman.

3) James Bond

james bond

Who wouldnt want to be James Bond with all his awesome little gadgets and his skill set. Not to mention his skill set aquiring females in his life.

4) Howard Stern

howard stern

Ok so Howard is actually a real guy so i’m not sure if he counts or not but who wouldn’t want to be the guy. He has earned every right to proclaim himself as the “King of All Media”. The man is a genius, has a smoking hot wife, hes made a shit ton of money doing what he loves to do and has become the best at what he does. He gets to talk to the lovely Robin Quivers all day, plus he gets to entertain himself with the hidden gems in his “Wack Pack” like Bigfoot, Beatlejuice, High Pitch Erik and Mary Ann the Slow Adult just to name a few. BA BA BOOEY AND TA TA TOOFY TO YOU Howard Stern. Well done Sir. Hey Now!

5) Eddie Morra

eddie morra

He’s the dude in that movie Limitless, the one where he takes this magic pill and it opens up the other 90% of his brain power. how amazing would it be to have that sort of brain power to where you could change your entire life pretty much over night. Yes Please!

6)Don Corleone


Other than the whole being a criminal thing it would be awesome having control over that much of an operation and to have that respect from any and everyone around you.

7) Batman


Talk about some gadgets, I mean the Batmobile hell yeah! You have billions, you fight crime, screw a man cave this dude has a Bat Cave, an actual cave under his house. Plus you get a butler.

8) Wonder Woman

wonder woman1

For a lot of the same reasons as Superman obviously but your a beautiful woman. That outfit has got to be uncormfortable though

9) Indiana Jones

indiana jones

Crazy adventures and being the expert on all kinds of ancient knowledge and you get a whip!

10) Tony Montana


Ok so you might die a little young but think of the shit show ride along the way. Money, Power and Respect. THE WORLD IS YOURS.

11) Forest Gump

forest gump

Even if its just for the stories you can tell for crying out loud. Unknowingly being a part of some of the most key moments in history I mean come on. Plus doesn’t he end up getting the girl and is major rich?

12)Jason Bourne


A covert super spy that can flip the US government agencies on their heads. need I say more.

13) Ethan Hunt

ethan hunt

The rouge agent from the Impossible Mission Force that doesn’t even exist as far as anyone knows. some how I feel like those skills would come in handy some how.

14)Jack Bauer

jack bauer

Head of the Counter Terrorist Unit Jack Bauer has probably stopped a couple nuclear threats before you’ve had breakfast.

15) Pepper Potts

pepper potts

CEO of a multi- billion dollar company and absolutely gorgeous. I don’t see a down side. Plus your married to Ironman.