15 Female Teachers Who Have Been Charged For Hooking Up With Students

Ok so this is wrong, totally wrong. Let’s first just get that out of the way. Normally you would think it would be men that are being charged with these types of things but that is not what’s going on here. Now we may not ever know what exactly happened with these women and their students. As to why this all happened I guess is left to your own speculations.

Now I was a teenager once and I went to high school and unfortunately for me there wasn’t any attractive female teachers like I’m seeing in these photos. Maybe the occasional student teacher that would come sit in, but no actual teachers. And again, as a teenage boy I can only imagine how awesome it would have been to have a hot teacher. As you’ll see with all these ladies they are all attractive, so if i’m honest I can kind of see how something like this could happen. Again I’m saying that its wrong but I also will say that I get it. Something about having a hot teacher is very appealing and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for these students when a hot teacher gave them any sort of sign that she was into them. Its one of those things that you know in your soul is wrong, but yet it must been almost impossible for teenage boy to turn down a very attractive female teacher coming on them. Matter of fact, some of these situations would never have been discovered if one of the boys hadn’t been bragging around school about what he had done with a teacher.

So take a look at these women and tell me you don’t see my point.

1) Debra Lafave

debra lafave

Debra Lafave, from Florida, was charged twice for having sex with a 14 yr old boy in her class. The only reason she never went to jail was the kids mother spoke out against it in court. She now is married and the mother of twins.

2) Michelle Preston

michelle preston

Michelle Preston is a Kansas native who was a teacher and cheer leading coach that was fired back in 2012 for 3 nude pictures of her showing ” how flexible she was”. But it didn’t end there, she then hit up 3 different boys and had sex with them a recorded 15 times, investigators eve found DNA from the 3 boys under Preston’s couch cushions.

3) Hope Jacoby

hope jacoby

Hope was a 23 yr old trainer at Tustin High School that had a thing for boys 14-17 yrs old. She got busted when sexy pictures of her were found on one of the boys phones. She was tried in court for oral copulation and unlawful sex with a minor.

4) Amy Northcutt

amy northcutt

Now this one is interesting, Amy Northcutt and her husband were arrested for lewd messages and pictures that they were sending a 16 yr old girl to solicit her into going to bed with the 2 of them. Apparently the 2 were caught after the girls parents saw her talking to Justin Northcutt at a family gathering.

5) Deanna Higgins

deanna higgins

Deanna Higgins was a well accomplished science teacher in Spring Texas until she hooked up with a 16 yr old boy. It was reported that cops found some of her panties in the back of the students car.

6) Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess


Now this one is like a teenage boys wet dream, I know I’m sorry. These 2 teachers were arrested for having a threesome with a 16 yr old boy at Respess’ apartment after a high school football game. The only reason they got busted was the boy was bragging that he had a sexual relationship with a teacher.

7)Jessica Bonnett Acker

jessica bonnet acker

Jessica Bonnett Acker was a 24 yr old teacher at a high school in Alabama who was arrested for allegedly having an ongoing, consensual sexual relationship with an 18-year-old male student. She had just gotten married a few months prior to this all coming out. Poor husband.

8) Kinsley Wentzky

kinsley wentsky

Kinsley Wentzky was a high school teacher in South Carolina until she was arrested for sleeping with 2 of her 17 yr old students. She was sentenced to 5 years in jail but it was later reduced to a probationary sentence.

9)Carrie McCandless

Carrie McCandless

Carrie was a cheer leading coach that was actually caught in the act of having sex with a 17 yr old at an overnight school trip. It is alleged that she seduced the student with alcohol before having sex with him in close proximity to other students on the trip.

10) Heather Daughdrill


She was arrested for allegedly having full intercourse with a 13 yr old boy at a summer bible camp of all places. She was charged with sexual battery, carnal knowledge of a juvenile, kidnapping, indecent behavior with a juvenile and contributing to delinquency. Apparently she would pick the boy up from school just so they could have sex.

11) Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice

This one is from my home state of Utah, Brianne Altice was a teacher at Davis High School and was arrested for hooking up with a 16 yr old boy. It came out later that there was another boy and now she is facing up to 10 felony charges.

12) Cameo Patch

cameo patch

Patch was a 29 yr old substitute high school teacher that was arrested on charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a 17 yr old boy. Allegedly she took the boy out on a date and later had oral sex with him. She received 36 months of probation

13) Amy McElhenney

amy mcelhenney

Amy McElhenney was a Spanish teacher at a Texas high school and was charged with hooking up with an 18 yr old boy, now he was of age but its still illegal in Texas for a teacher to have sex with a student. So even though she did avoid any jail time she still definitely lost her job.

14) Lindsay Massaro

Lindsay Massaro

26 yr old Massaro was a teacher at a Sussex county elementary school. She was charged for sexual relations with a 15 yr old boy. The boys father found out and reported her to the police.

15) Pamela Rogers Turner

Pamela Rogers Turner

Pamela was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13 yr old boy of which she plead guilty to and received 9 month suspended prison sentence. But get the a year later she gets brought up on new charges for hooking up with the same boy!