15 Face Swaps That Went Wrong…Really,Really Wrong!

The new Snapchat feature of face swapping is amazing and hilarious. While it is made for people, faces have been swapped with cookies and bananas. Kind of crazy, but as long as it works why not right.

These are some photos that will show you a hilarious perspective to the new filter’s feature, and leave you wondering what some of these people were thinking.

1. A true soccer fan despite the age

2. Might be better to take a regular selfie with your pet pig rather than a face swap

3. This is the single greatest cat photo on the internet. “Look what I brought you!”

4. Cute eyebrows. The doll on the other hand…;

5. The filter might’ve needed some adjustment there

6. Car tires can be faces too!

7. The moustache definitely adds a new complexity feature

8. Happy Halloween!

9. The grin matches her too well

10. The cutest oven and the scariest baby in one photo combined

11. Life as a mermaid

12. The real surprise, which one is who?

13. Could use a little bit adjustment as the nose seems to be the mouth

14. You’re grounded!

15. Cookies suddenly look a lot scarier than before