14 Purrfectly Precious Pets Who Got Famous On The Mobile App Instagram

Who needs Hollywood when you can snuggle up to some real cuties every day, just by logging into your Instagram feed? All the celebrities in the world wish they had the natural beauty these guys have just by waking up in the morning.

And we”re not talking strictly cats and dogs here, but also adorable hedgehogs, chinchillas, pigs, and even a chipmunk have found fame by posting their sweet faces on the photo sharing app. We”re big fans.

1. Biddy the Hedgehog

Biddy the Hedgehog

This spiky sweetie is constantly sharing his travel adventures with his 595,000 followers.

2. Toast the King Charles

Toast the King Charles

Toast was rescued from a puppy mill and now reigns as NYC”s furriest It Girl, with 136,000 followers and growing.

3. Yogurt the Pirate Dog

Yogurt the Pirate Dog

What she lacks in number of eyes she more than makes up for in adorable photo ops for her 117,000 followers.

4. The Pointer Brothers

The Pointer Brothers

These handsome bros love to dress up and show off their style to their 144,000 followers.

5. Jamon the Pig

Jamon the Pig

This precious porker, with 62,700 followers, shares a weekly cartoon on top of his delightful dress-up photos.

6. Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier

Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier

The inventor of “bacontini” and self-proclaimed hug/nap addict, Ginny has 329,000 followers.

7. Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey

Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey

This dynamic duo known as “Unlikely Friends” share their beautiful bond with 31,300 followers.

8. Raw the Chipmunk

Raw the Chipmunk

Not your average pet, this adorable munchkin lives in Japan and shares his tiny adventures with 13,700 followers.

9. Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows

Sam, the Cat with Eyebrows

Sam”s distinct eyebrows make him always appear worried, but with 151,000 followers, we think he”s doing just fine.

10. Maude the French Bulldog

Maude the French Bulldog

The New York lady loves walks down 9th Avenue; her 2,100 follower count is just getting started.

11. Pudge the Cat

Pudge the Cat

She”s a girl with an impressive mustache and she”s darn proud to show it off to her 279,000 followers.

12. Norm the Pug

Norm the Pug

His photographer owner loves to share Norm”s adventures with his 280,000 followers.

13. Smoosh the Cat

Smoosh the Cat

This 9-year-old Indiana native loves sharing his squished face and bright eyes with 10,200 followers.

14. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla

Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla

No famous Instagram animals list would be complete without a tiny chinchilla, right? This little cutie advocates for animal adoption and anti-fur clothing to his 75,500 followers.

It”s difficult to pin down just what makes these animals shine so bright – is it the professional-grade posing, or the incredible styles they sport? Either way, we”ll continue to follow each of them until we figure out what that “it” factor is (and use it to gain more followers ourselves).