12 Sizzling Sides You Need To Have For The Ultimate Summer Celebration

Summer has only been here for a few weeks now, but it seems that everyone is still having big barbecues. Even though the Fourth of July has passed, you can still find reason to light up the grill and invite everyone over.

These 12 sides are reason enough to round up the troops, get a fire going, and put some burgers on the grill. They will not only complement anything you make at your next backyard bash, but they might even steal the show.

1. Take a gander at this good ol” coleslaw recipe. Just add pulled pork, and you”re golden!

2. These smoked BBQ beans will add a hearty punch to your burgers and dogs.

3. For a healthier approach to BBQ beans, check out this delicious recipe.

4. Grab a few bags of chips and toss them into this scrumptious-looking guacamole.

5. While you have your chips out, add this cheesy queso to the table for maximum flavor.

6. Vegans can have queso, too! Just try this cauliflower-based recipe.

7. What”s a burger without french fries? No burger at all! Luckily, this recipe is numbingly simple.

8. You can”t have a barbecue without pasta salad…

9. …And you definitely can”t forget the potato salad.

10. Even fruit salad is a must for the perfect barbecue!

11. When you have the burgers and dogs going, you can”t forget the corn.

12. Last but not least, finish off the day with a tasty frozen treat!

Even though barbecues will have your staples of burgers and dogs, I”m sure I”d be fine if I just had a few platefuls of these sides and nothing else. They look that delicious!